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Stock up on sand bags and shot bags! Used to stabilize equipment, you can never have too many. Sizes vary but most commonly used sizes are anywhere from 15-35 pounds. The difference between the two is in the name. While Sand Bags are filled with sand, shot bags are filled with either stainless steel or lead shot. Because the heavy metals are more dense, shot bags will give you the same weight in a smaller package which can be great for storage and transport. Remember when storing or transporting your sand bags and shot bags to stack them in a criss cross manner. This creates stability and will enable quick counting at any time throughout your workday. Also with less surface area and places for moisture to hide, shot bags will dry out a lot quicker after being used in a damp environment. We have fantastic grip and lighting sand bags and shot bags made by Matthews & American Grip.

Sand bags & shot bags | JR Lighting Las Vegas
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