Being the largest lighting and grip rental company in Nevada means we carry it all!

HMI’s, Tungsten, Kino Flo’s, LED's, Chimeras, Fisher Dollies, Cranes, Remote Heads, Overheads, Car Mounts, Movie Quiet Generators, Complete Line of Expendables, all the usual Lighting and Grip Rental and Production Supplies including makeup tables and steamers, as well as referrals for experienced, friendly Crews.
For Professional Photographers, we also have a large selection of Pro-Foto Strobes and Modifiers, Pocket Wizards, Tripods, Umbrellas, Reflectors, Backgrounds, Seamless and referrals for Photo Assistants.
We know we have or can get whatever you need. For help with any inquiries contact us. Open 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, we're happy to help! If you're in a lighting or grip emergency, you can always reach us 24/7 through our After Hours Assistant, which is what you need in a town that never sleeps.

Contact Us

Office Hours:
(702) 649-5555

After hours assistance: Having a lighting or grip emergency? We are available 24/7! You will be directed to our After Hours Assistant through the main office recording.

Our Mission: We pride ourselves on fanatical equipment maintenance, extreme service and working within your budget.