Being the largest lighting rental company in Nevada means we carry it all!


Tungsten Lighting

Tungsten lights are easily controllable, easily cut, and easily dimmed. This has made them an industry standard for so many years.  We carry a variety of sizes of Mole-Richardson heads from 100Ws to 20Ks. We have fresnels, open faced lights, soft lights, pars, Lekos, dedos, and more! Chimeras available for most size lights.

Kino Flo

Kino Flo Lighting

We carry only Kino Flo for our fluorescent light rental stock. No knock offs here! Fixtures can be lamped in 2900K, 3200K, 5600K, or any combination of color temperature. Of course we carry singles, doubles, and 4Banks. We also have Divas, a Kamio, VistaBeams, Image 87s, and BarFlys!


HMI Lighting

If true daylight is what you want, whether indoor or outdoor, we have the right HMIs for you! We stock everything from 18K Fresnels to 12K pars to Jokers, and everything in between. Most of our HMIs run with Power Gems ballasts. Chimeras are available for most fixtures as well as pancakes and soft tubes for Jokers. Our newest editions to the family, the Arri M-18 and M-40, are sure to light things up!


All LED's are not created equal!!! We carry the best, highest quality fixtures with the truest color temperature.  We carry LitePanels Astras, Kino Celebs, and Arri SkyPanels, just to name a few. Many of our LED fixtures can run off rechargeable batteries that we also carry.