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The Kino Flo Celeb 200 DMX LED is a flicker-free, high-output LED light that’s great for photo and video use. Key features include:

Produces a lot of life with minimal power draw

AC Input Voltage: 100 - 240VAC 50/60Hz, 100W
DC Input Voltage: 18 - 28VDC, 100W
Amperage: 0.96A at 120VAC; 4.0A at 24VDC
Dimming Range: 1% - 100% with no flicker or color temperature shifts
DMX control

CRI rating of 95 , for accurate color reproduction

Variable color temperature of 2,700ºK to 5,500ºK

Durable, high-quality build

Weight: 15lb.
Dimensions: 24” x 14” x 5”

Energy-Efficient LED

With an output that’s roughly equivalent to a 750 W tungsten light, the Kino Flo Celeb 200 produces a large amount of light with minimal power draw. It’s powered via the included AC adapter. For large studio setups, the Celeb supports DMX controlling.

DMX Controlling

The Celeb 200’s DMX is remote control capable using DMX512, giving you the option to daisy-chain as many as 100 units together as long as the cable run limit of 1000 feet is not exceeded. Each fixture features both in and out ports and is auto terminating. In other words, the last unit in a chain that does not have a cable attached to the out port terminates automatically.

Pressing and holding the DMX Address button allows an address to be selected by turning the adjustment dial. Pressing the dial makes adjustments of one or 10 unit increments. Press the DMX Address button again to save the address. The unit assigns two channels automatically, the first to control light intensity and the second to control color temperature. Adjusting the sliders for these channels on the lighting board will adjust color temperature and intensity accordingly.

True-Match Color Correct

Despite being an LED light, the Celeb 200 fits right in with Kino Flo’s lineup. It offers a CRI rating of 95, giving accurate color reproduction on a variety of formats. You can dial in the color temperature from 2,700ºK to 5,500ºK with no loss of output or color accuracy.

While the Celeb 200 has a built-in power supply for use with 100-240VAC it is also 24VDC capable, using a 3-Pin XLR, and will run approximately two hours under battery power. At the front of the light panel, the accessory holder features two spring-loaded channels for holding the included Celeb 200 Gel Frame (with clips) and honeycombed focusing louver. Optional barn doors are available as well.

High-Quality Design

The fixture features a rugged metal-alloy design with simple-to-use controls. There are five color-temperature presets and the ability to dial in a specific temperature. The unit is dimmable from 100% to 1% output and features a built-in reflector. While consuming a mere 100 watts, the Celeb 200 outputs more light than a 750w tungsten soft light. It sports a solid build, variable color temperature and dimming without flickers or changes in color temperature. The quality of light is soft, beautiful and abundant with a high color rendering index (CRI 95).

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